BIPANI - ECommerce website Platform

BIPANI - ECommerce website Platform

BIPANI is an app that allows retailers and merchants to create their own online stores and sell their product online without hassle. Its features include product listing, order management, online payment multi-language, customer chat support, managing delivery fees, and social media sharing. It provides an analysis of sales, regions, traffic, and products

BIPANI apps is easy-to-use and affordable platform helped several small shopkeepers to keep their businesses up and float. Within 60 seconds, a user can create their own store on the app.. 

Having a business that is away from profit and reaches, BIPANI helps in starting, growing, marketing, and managing their businesses over the internet.

Retailers and Merchants Benefit from BIPANI APPS are follows

1. A Wider Geographic coverage

2. Faster Redressal of consumer complaints

3. Promotion of Brand 

4. Customer Loyalty 

5. Better Administration

6. New product launches

7. Fewer Cash transactions

8. Zero launching cost