3-D Design and Modeling and AR Services

MAHANAM TECHNOLOGIES INC provides 3D design and Modeling and AR service for various products for online store. 

 A single platform for all your 3D modeling, customizing and AR design needs

Change the way you sell online with MAHANAM TECH all-in-one solution for integrating 3D models, AR and product personalization into your eCommerce platform.

MAHANAM TECH offers a complete suite of services for online retailers:

●    3D model and AR generation.
●    3D product configurator for customizing colors, materials and parts of the 3D/AR models in real time.
●    3D decorator for a highly immersive shopping experience, bringing virtual reality into the customer's environment.

3D + Personalization + AR 

MAHANAM TECH Product is a comprehensive solution for revolutionizing your eCommerce sales with the power of all three: 3D, AR and product customization effortlessly.


Go from simple 2D models to high fidelity 3D and AR designs faster than you can imagine with our quick turnaround time.


Get the most value for your money with MAHANAM TECH’s affordable pricing plans for mass producing 3D/AR models and configurations at a fraction of the cost.

Seamless Integration

MAHANAM TECH offers seamless integration into your website with compatibility across devices.

Boost Revenue

Enjoy more profits with a significant increase in turnover and reduction in returns thanks to the unique shopping experience with the combined benefits of 3D, AR and customization.

3D/AR Ads

Drive more sales with 3D and AR ads. MAHANAM TECH is the only platform that provides both 3D and AR Google display ads.